Tebulo offers innovative robotics with the flexibility to integrate with your operations. Our systems fit yours – not the other way around. We’ll bring your business to a leading position with automation that significantly increases productivity, accuracy and safety. It’s time to move fast. It’s time to move forward.


Powering your productivity

If it hasn’t already, there will come a time for every mill when robotic automation will not only be advisable but absolutely necessary. The world of steel, aluminum and forestry has gone global. And it’s powered by robots. It’s time to play or fold. The benefits of Tebulo robotic systems cannot be ignored. Productivity opens up when line speeds run faster, longer and more efficiently than ever before. Accuracy increases and the costly mistakes and downtime through human error are eliminated. And safety is maximized because robots do the most dangerous tasks and they make the work safer that employees are doing.

ROI that makes sense

People assume that the cost of robotic automation is out of the ballpark. But as the technology develops, that’s no longer the case. With the cost vs. increased productivity, Tebulo robotic systems pay for themselves on average in one year.

The right integration

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all robotic system and our expertise is in seamless integration with your plant – whatever your setup. No equipment that only fits partially. A Tebulo system is about flexibility and we’ll see that it fits your workflow perfectly.

World-class expertise

Founded in the Netherlands in 1974, Tebulo is a leader in helping industrial plants and mills excel with highly efficient, integrated systems. In 2009, Tebulo brought their innovative automation and engineering expertise to North America, establishing a robotics manufacturing, sales and support center in Southern Ontario. From this location Tebulo can maximize availability, response and delivery times throughout North America.

Our mission here at Tebulo North America is to bring a lagging metals industry back up to a front-running position through the use of state-of-the-art robotics. And backed by our diverse industry experience and proven performance, you’ll be moving in the right direction.